Seed Wordpress Theme Documentation

A Premium WordPress Theme by Beautheme

Thank you for purchasing our theme. This file is really helpful for you if you have any question about our theme, and please feel free to contact us via our user page contact form here.

1. How to Install WordPress

a) Automatic installation

Install your wordpress page.
After install your wordpress page, install the Seed theme follow this step.
Login your dasboard with your username and password, in the left menu Choose Appearance -> Themes

After themes choose add new and then Upload theme

Choose file Unzip from Themeforest download pagkage (Do not unzip it one more time.)

After install success click Active

b) Manual Installation

Unzip the file Unzip from Themeforest pagkage download and copy the folder you has been unzip upload to /wp-content/themes/

Install require plugins

Seed theme require you to activate some plugins for it, click the link Begin Intalling plugins you will see all the plugins require and recommend for this theme and follow the step

After install all plugin, please set image size for product:

+ Go to admin -> WooCommerce -> setting
+ Click tab Product -> Click tab Display
+ Set Product Images like image

Importing Sample Content

If you want quick setup for your website, you can import our data:

  1. Login to WP-admin.
  2. Go to Theme option menu and choose Demo Importer.
  3. Choose demo you want and click import demo
  4. Wait until success,takes about 10 minutes

Main Menus

After creating your menu(s) select in the Theme Locations section. You can display a single menu in multiple locations.

  1. Log into your Wordpress dashboard and click on Appearance > Menus.
  2. Enter a Name for your Menu and click on Create Menu.
  3. Add Pages to your menu by checking off the check boxes and hitting Add to Menu
  4. To re-order the pages of your menu items simply drag and drop them into place.
  5. After your menu is completed hit Save Menu.
  6. After Your menu is saved you'll need to choose your navigation from the dropdown list under the 'Theme Locations' section.
  7. Hit save and you are all complete. Your menu is now setup.

Build a simple page

  1. Login your Wordpress dashboard click on page->add new
  2. Using visual composer for build page
  3. Choose your template for this page (We have 11 template for build site view it on template type )
  4. Choose your section for build the page (about visual composer view it on visual composer)

2. How to Install Theme

Email subcriber

Setup and using it follow on this link:


Setup and using it follow video on this link:

Set template Whistlist, Cart, My account, Checkout pages

Please set template for page Whistlist, Cart, My account, Checkout.

Install WooCommerce pages

After you install and active plugin Woocomerce a note will show on the top of admin page. Please click install WooCommerce pages.

If you can't see the button, please go to WooCommerce -> System status -> Tools -> Install WooCommerce Pages -> Click Install pages.

Enable register member of Woocomerce

+ Go to Admin -> Woocomerce -> Settings
+ Click tab Accounts -> Enable register on the "My Account" page.

Deal of day

Setting Products Sales Countdown

Image deal of product you can upload in product

Setup and using it follow on this link:

Whistlist, compare

Setting Whistlist

Set template whistlist for page whistlist.

Setup and using it follow on this link:

Setting Compare

Setup and using it follow on this link:

Ajax loadmore

Import template ajax load more

+ Go to Admin -> Ajaxloadmore -> Repeater templates

+ Click button add new template, create 4 template:

Copy template in forder repeat-template in package theme, we have 4 template:
+Blog (template_2.php)
+Blog full (template_3.php)
+Blog left and right(template_1.php)
+Portfolio (template_4.php)
+Go to wp-content -> plugins -> ajax-load-more-repeaters-v2 -> repeaters.
+Paste 4 template into forder.

How to uses Visual Composer for your theme?

_Select plugin make sure you have activated plugin Visual Composer:

This provide for you some element for build your custom page.

When you create a new page, you can use it with the 3 basic steps:

You can select the elements you want to use.

Our provide element:

Master slide

This element allow you to choose a slide builder by master slide

Import master slide

+ Go to Admin -> Master Slider -> Import & Export -> Choose File
+ Select file Seed-Masterslider.json (data_demo -> Data Master slide).
+ Import.

_Title: Title you want for slide.
_Master slider: Choose slide you want to show for this page.

Setup and using it follow on this link:


We have three option for chose, you can chose it in option of element.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

_Option: Choose style history you want to show for this page.

* Style optional 2, you can choose background parallax with 3 steps:

Option of element

Product slide woocommerce

This element allow you to create a slide for product of woocommerce.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3


_Title product slider: Title slide.
_Slider total item: Number items of slide.
_Slide speed: Speed of slide .

Testimonial home

This element allow you show post of testimonial.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Blog Home

This element allow you show blog in home page.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

This element allow you show Subcriber.

This element allow you show map in home page.

_Latitude map and longitude map of your location can get here!

Category Home

This element allow you show link category in home page.

About us

This element allow you show about us.

Store about us

This element allow you show store about us.

4.Post & postype

Testimonial post type

Login your Wordpress dashboard click on Testimonial -> Add new

_Title: Is your name of author you want to display.
_Jobs: Jobs of author.
_Excerpt: Content of testimonial.

Portfolio post type

Login your Wordpress dashboard click on Portfolio -> Add new

5.Theme option

Theme option allow you option your social link, custom show social icon on the page, choose your default footer, default sidebar and more and more option for your page, your website.

General option

Import and export setting

6.Other plugins

Ajax search pro

Setup and using it follow on this link:

Contact Form 7

Setup and using it follow on this link:

7. Lookbook

a) Style Lookbook

5 style Lookbook

Style two column

Style three column

Style grid

Style full

Style masterslide

b) Post type Lookbook

Post type Lookbook

When you want to add item product in lookbook. You can set it

But first, you must make sure you have installed the plugin Custom Fields

c) Custom Fields

Install plugin and active two plugins

Import setting custom fields

+ Tools -> Import -> WordPress -> advanced-custom-field-export.xml (In forder theme -> data demo -> Custom fields)

d) Lookbook Masterslide

When you want to use lookbook masterslide you want to add new Slide

+Master Slide -> Create new slider -> Custom Slider -> Create

+ Add Slide -> Import image product you want to show

+ Create hotpot

+ Please move it to where you want

+ Set content tooltip when you hover hotpot

Please set ID product woocommerce

e) Lookbook Setting

Add new page and get element Lookbook

Setting element

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing our theme. If you have any question relating to the themes on ThemeForest, please contact us, we will try our best to solve it for you..


8.Mega menu

Max megamenu

Import data Mega Menu

+ Open file Data_megamenu.xml -> copy content.
+ Mega Menu -> Tools -> Import Theme -> Paste content -> Click import theme.

Choose menu primary for Mega menu

+ Go to Admin -> Appearance -> Menus
+ On dropdown Select a menu to edit, choose menu you want to make primary menu.
+ Scroll down page, on menu settings check Primary menu.

+Scroll up to top and set menu like images. Set theme of menu is: Megamenu Seed

Setup and using it follow on this link: