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We hope you’ll love this simple and elegant WordPress business theme, designed especially for you to create a visually appealing website.

Our team created it with a lot of hard work and love. We want your website to prosper with …

if you have any question about our theme, and please feel free to contact us via our user page contact form here.Our support team will be happy to assist you.

Part I. General section

I. Theme Installation

1. Requirements before installing theme

Make sure that you have installed a fresh wordpress

Server requirements: PHP 5.3 or greater, max_execution_time 120, memory_limit 64M, post_max_size 32M, upload_max_filesize 32M, allow_url_fopen ON.

Check to ensure that your web host has the minimum requirements to run WordPress

Always make sure they are running the latest version of WordPress

You can download the latest release of WordPress from official WordPress website

Always create secure passwords FTP and Database.

If you have not installed wordpress, you can read about Famous 5 Minute Installation.

Things to Know Before You Begin Installing WordPress

Note : Some of the images included in the demo site are for showcase only and not distributed in the package.


2. Theme installation

There are two methods for installing theme.

Method 1 : Manual Installation

Install your wordpress page.

After installing your wordpress page, you follow this step.

Login your dasboard with your username and password, in the left menu Choose Appearance -> Themes.

After themes choose add new and then Upload theme

Choose file  themename_install.zip Unzip from Themeforest download pagkage (Do not unzip it one more time.)

When installing successfully, click Active.

Method 2 : upload theme via FTP.

You can learn more at this article.

How to install you theme


3. Required plugins

theme require you to activate some plugins for it, click the link Begin Intalling plugins you will see all the plugins require and recommend for this theme and follow the step

For some plugins example :

WPBakery Page builder – it is used for building pages

Slider revolution – create beautiful slider

Advanced custom field – create field for some attributes

Postype builder – create new post type

Besides, there are other plugins you need to install and be active. ( Visual composer addons…)



II. Import demo data

You can import demo data by one click demo import. It means that you only need click on Import demo button on avatar of demo

Step 1 : Login dashboard

Step 2 : Go to  Appearance → click on Import demo data



Step 3 : Click on  button Import demo data.


You wait until demo is imported successfully.




III. Update Theme

You can watch  instruction video  in updating theme


Or you read an article to know how to update theme

Here is reference

How to update theme

IV. Getting support

Dear customer !

We strongly recommend to read this documentation attentively to save time during setting up our theme.

In case you need to support from us, please go to our support site and create ticket about our problem. 

We will response within 24 hours ( except holidays and workday off on the weekends ).

Thanks for your interest in purchasing and using our theme.


Part II. Detail section

This section will show you some instructions on pages, areas ( header, footer, theme options…)

I. Customize



This part guides for uploading site logo

Step 1 : Login dashboard

Step 2 : To change logo you go to Appearence –> Choose Customize

Step 3 : Click Site identity

Step 4 : Upload site logo

Click  on “remove” to delete available logo and replace new one


Step 5 : Edit site title and tagline


Step 6 : Click on published



II. Theme Options

This part includes some options such as

1. Typography

These settings control the typography for all heading on header such as font family; style & weight; color;

Step 1 : Login dashboard

Step 2 : You see “beau theme” on left menu. Click on it –> choose Typography

Step 3 : Change typography on heading

Step 4 : Click on Save changes after you edit done.

2. Color

Step 1 : Login dashboard

Step 2 : You see “beau theme” on left menu. Click on it –> choose Color

Step 3 : Change color of link, button, button border.


Step 4 : Click on Save changes

3. Header

It allows user to want to use or not to use  feature “Display top bar”

Step 1 : Login dashboard

Step 2 : You see “beau theme” on left menu. Click on it –> choose header

If you use it, please tick a box

If you don not want it, please move  a tick box


Step 3 : Click on Save changes

Step 1 : Login dashboard

Step 2 : You see “beau theme” on left menu. Click on it –> choose Footer

Step 3 :

Choose number of columns on footer

Edit copyright text

Choose color for copyright text, background.


Step 4 : Click on Save changes

5. Site Information

Here are steps to do

Step 1 : Login dashboard

Step 2 : You see “beau theme” on left menu. Click on it –> choose  Site information


Step 3 : You can edit phone. open hours, email. This fields will display on interface of site.


Step 4 : After editing, you must click on Save changes.

6. Import / Export

  • Import

Allow to import  from file inline site.


  • Export

Here you can copy/download your current option settings. Keep this safe as you can use it as a backup should anything go wrong, or you can use it to restore your settings on this site (or any other site).

III. Page Options

On each page you can see Page options. This section has a feature “ Display page title”

If you want to use it, please tick a box “Display”

If you do not use it, remove a tick box “Display”

IV. Visual Composer Page Builder

Besides the available elements of Visual Composer page builder, theme is also required to install  plugin – it’ s Beau Visual Composer addons.

This plugin allows the user to add some elements be not in the builder page, such as beau Google maps, Beau Countdown, Beau counter, Beau slider custom.

The add-in elements can also be modified similarly to the Visual Composer page builder element

You can read Visual Composer page builder documentation and watch video guiding to use it at this  https://wpbakery.com/video-tutorials/



V. Beau Post Type Builder

In order for the user to create the post type, the Beau post type plugin will help you do that. This plugin comes in the theme. To activate this plugin you go to the Plugin, you will see the text required to install and activate the plugin to make the theme work properly.

After successful installation and activation , Beau post type will show on the left of the dashboard.

Steps to create a new post type.

Step 1 : On the left menu of dashboard, go to Beau post type

Step 2 : Click Post type

Step 3 : Click Add new


Step 4 : Enter name of post type 


Select some attached attribute of this post type


Step 5 : Click on save


For example, guiding of post type “Service”

 Add new and edit service

  • Add new

Step 1 : Login dashboard

Step 2 : Go to Service   → click Add new


Step 3 :  Enter data in fields

  • Enter title
  • Import short description for title
  • Type excerpt
  • Choose detail for service  on the right side.

Step 4 : Click on update

  • Edit  service

Step 1 : Login dashboard

Step 2 : Go to Service → click All  services

Step 3 : Click edit under title

Step 4 : Edit some fields such as name, description, excerpt…

Step 5 : Click Update.


VI. Widget

Widget includes top left sidebar, left sidebar and the number of columns to display on the footer.


1.  Top left sidebar.

It is social icon on the top of header. To add these social icons, you do some steps

Step 1 : Login dashboard

Step 2 : Go to Appearance → click Widget


Step 3 : Add widget “Soical icon by WPZoom” on Top left sidebar


Step 4 : In “Soical icon by WPZoom” 

  • Add icon


  • Click on save


2. Left sidebar

To customize navigation menu similarly to demo

Step 1 : You add widget “navigation menu” on leftsidebar


Step 2 : Select menu in “navigation menu”


Step 3 : Click on save.


3. Widget on footer

Select the number of columns to display on the footer ( view instruction on II. Theme option – section 2. footer )

Change image on footer, it has widget “image”


Change form subscribe, it has widget ” Custom HTML”. You paste shortcode of form here. You get this shortcode from contact form.



VII. Slider Revolution

Import Slider Revolution

Step 1 : Login dashboard

Step 2 : Go to Slider revolution → choose Slider revolution

Step 3 : Click on “Import slider” in Revolution slider screen

Step 4 : Choose slider file under zip form. No change anything in custom.

You wait for some times to import it.

Step 5 : Go to pages –> edit Home page

Step 6 : In backend editor of Homepage, find Revolution slider element then edit it

Step 7 : In popup Revolution slider , select slider name


Click on Add selected slider.

Click on Update .

Reference you can read  

Slider revolution documentation





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