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Visual Composer 4.11.x, Bootstrap 3.x


Film Maker is extremely suitable for any creative agency/ corporate/ team/ person to build their own film studio/ Film maker centre/ Film production/ Vlog sites and any kind of Film website can use the video WordPress theme. With super clean, elegant and modern design, you and your team no longer have to depend on other sites like youtube or magazines to do marketing for your products or reputation. Now, you have another way which is too perfect to promote yourself. Wonderful Visual Composer plugin will help you to build a site without coding knowledge. Mailchimp plugin makes a smart email system for you to manage. Besides, Film Maker is totally compatible with WPML plugin perfectly, so you can have a multi language site when using this plugin. This easier to spread your site all over the world. And so much more great features in this theme.


Currently we are testing themes in:

  • Google Chrome (Mac and PC)
  • Firefox (Mac and PC)
  • Internet Explorer 11 and later
  • Safari (Mac and PC)


  • Some of the images included in the demo site are for showcase only and not distributed in the package.
  • Server requirements: PHP 5.3 or greater, max_execution_time 120, memory_limit 64M, post_max_size 32M, upload_max_filesize 32M, allow_url_fopen ON.
  • Check to ensure that your web host has the minimum requirements to run WordPress
  • Always make sure they are running the latest version of WordPress
  • You can download the latest release of WordPress from official WordPress website
  • Always create secure passwords FTP and Database


  • – Alway update and fix error, System optimization.
  • – Solutions speed up page load.
  • – Add new features, utilities, system


*Update filmmaker v1.0.6

1. Create new option set logo on build page
2. add new 3 style map(shortcode map)
3. Add new option for all shortcode change color
4. Edit shortcode contact(add new text field not display)
5. Edit detail gallery popup not display true image active
6. Edit Archive Film(not display true category)
7. Check responsive
8. Change Documents

* Update Filmmaker v1.0.5

–  Shortcode: add new option for change link “View all” , and change text

– Fix auto cut image..

* Update Filmmaker v1.0.2

1 .Short code :
– shortcode film: not set id in shortcode get film id default
– shortcode videoblog create new,
– shortcake film_1500: set background in shortcode
2. theme option:
– option header: create new option set menu active
+ Menu default active color
+ Menu two nav active color
– Option footer: create new setting background for footer
+ setting footer using cover image
+ setting background footer color
–  Change text placeholder subscribe footer
3. Fix class visual composer hidden box section
4. Update autoplay video(youtube & vimeo)

5. Optimal image

* Update Filmmaker v1.0.1

1. Sticky menu
+ Option on/off menu sticky
+ Option chang background menu sticky
2. Option on/off subcrible footer

1. Install

1.1. Install Theme

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For information in regard to installing the WordPress platform, please see the WordPress Codex – http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress When you are ready to install a theme, you must first upload the theme files and then activate the theme itself. The theme files can be uploaded in two ways:


  1. FTP Upload: Using your FTP program, upload the non-zipped theme folder into the /wp-content/themes/folder on your server
  2. WordPress Upload: Navigate to Appearance > Add New Themes > Upload. Go to browse, and select the zipped theme folder. Hit “Install Now” and the theme will be uploaded and installed.

Once the theme is uploaded, you need to activate it. Go to Appearance > Themes and activate your chosen theme.

1.2. Install Required Plugins

This theme comes bundled with some plugins. They are :

  • Contact Form 7 – Used for contact form and newsletter signup
  • Master Slider WP – Create beautiful and creative slider
  • Plugin Filmmaker – Core of theme –  it contains the functionality and posttypes of this theme
  • WPBakery Visual Composer – This plugin will allow you to build your page easily.

When you active this theme, you can download these plugins in the notice about requirement plugins in the top page.


1.3. Install Sample data (Optional)

This theme comes with feature that allow you to import our sample data into your WordPress site.

This will help you get started, in case you are running on a fresh WordPress installation with no content at all.

To use it, please read the instruction below :

  • Go to Beau Admin > Plugins, install and activate all plugins. After this you will see Demos tab
  • Go to tab Demos
  • Click Import demo and wait. This might take 10-15 mins
  • Done ! it’s all set.


2. Custom Post Types

Custom posttype is the kind of post that serve for some specific bussiness.
Create a custom posttype is similar to post .
Below I will show you how to create a Director post :


  1. In left column in admin panel

  2. Click Add New in post type name

  3. Set data for post type and then Save


Below are the list of post types that comes with our theme,
each post type have its own attributes and purpose.

Let’s figure out !!

2.1. Crew



Single page

Crew of your team Name Crew (post title)

Crew description (post description)

Crew Avatar (post featured image)

Crew Category

Crew Job

Crew Social

 View demo

2.2. Director



Single page

Director, leader of team Name Director (post title)

Director description(post description)

Director Avatar (post featured image)

Director Category

Image cover (for single page)



Time line – Time line of director experience, life.

Related Film (Films that related with director)

 View demo

2.3. Film



Single page

Your Films, Projects Name (post title)

Description (post description)

Avatar (post featured image)

Film Category

Feature post (if you enable it, this film will show in the director page as Featured film)

Movie trailer (Trailers for film )

Movie Story (Will show section STORY for this film)

Character Movie (Show characters of this movie here)

Movie Winning (Set it if this movie have any prize)

Partner  (Let people know the partners of this film)

Related Gallery (You can link this film to gallery post type, If you set this, the gallery section will show)

Cast and Crew (Show cast and crew credit )

 View demo


Single page

Your single gallery Name Gallery(post title)

Gallery description (post description)

Gallery Avatar (post featured image)

Gallery Category

Film gallery (gallery of film, image and video allowed)

 View demo

2.5. Partner



Single page

Partner Name Partner (post title)

Partner Image (post featured image)

Partner Url

This post type don’t have custom single page.

3. Page Template


  • Page Template is the useful feature that bring to you the ability to set up the specific pages easier (Just choose the template then save).
  • To understand Page Template, you can refer this article.
  • To use Page Template, in edit page, you will see the Template option in the right column (like this image)


Below is a list of pages templates that are included in this theme :

This is default template, will show the content with default header & footer.

This page template don’t have any setting.

This template will show only content – without header & footer.

This page template don’t have any setting.

3.3. Director

This template is for director list, where you can introduce your directors.
View Demo 

This page template don’t have any setting.

3.4. Discover

This template will create a beautiful time life, suitable for describing your team history.
View Demo



Backend-Setting Frontend
  • Discover Origin

    1. Title Origin ()
    2. Name Origin
    3. Content Origin

  • Discover Info
    Time line (can be dupplicated)

    4. Name (will show name of timeline in the timeline chart)
    5. Date (show date of current time line)
    6. Image (image for time line)
    7. Content (content for the time line)




3.5. Template List Film

This template will show all of your film in list style .
View Demo

This page template don’t have any setting.

3.6. Template List Film 2

This template will show all of your film in creative style.
View Demo.

This page template don’t have any setting.

3.7. Template Service

You can use this template for show your services or your ability,…
View Demo.


Backend-Setting Frontend
  • Service Template
    Service (can be dupplicated)

    1. Title (title of service)
    2. Icon (show the icon)
    3. Description
    4. Image (Background image for each service)


This template allow you to create a page to show out your gallery list.
View Demo.

This page template don’t have any setting.

3.9. Template History

You can use this template to show your history. Similar to Discover but in different style.
View Demo.



Backend-Setting Frontend
  • History Event > Event (can be dupplicated)

    This will show your evens in your history .
    1. Event Year
    2. Event Title
    3. Event Image
    4. Event Description

  • History Event > Today History ( can be dupplicated )

    5. Year
    6. Title
    7. Description


3.10. Template for Blog

Now for the blog template. The below list is template for bloger.
Remember that all blog template don’t require any setting.
Let’s check :


Template Blogs Post Full Page Blog post have side bar Blog and Video Slider
Video post 1 Video post 2 Video post 3

4. Visual Composer Element

Visual Composer is the most feature rich drag and drop page builder on the market and one of the most popular WordPress plugins.
Our theme integrated our Short code as VC Element.
So that make the process is quite simple.
If you are not familiar with Visual Composer, please read this guide first.

Please take a look at the below part, we will introduce our elements :


4.1. 1500

1500 is a short code that allow you to show your creative description ot quote.
It just have few setting . Please check below :


Element Settings  Frontend View
1500-2 1500-1 1500-front

4.2. Show Blog Section

This shortcode will allow you to show your recently posts with several options 🙂


Element Settings  Frontend View
 blog-1 blog-2 blog-front

4.3. Contact Info

This shortcode allow you to show your address, include subscribe form.
Remember that this form is linked to Contact form 7, so you have to create at least 1 form in Contact form 7.
If you don’t know how to use Contact Form 7, Click here.
Also, you can find your coordinate here : http://www.latlong.net/


Element Settings  Frontend View
 contact contact-front

4.4. Show box film

This shortcode will allow you to show single film (you can set name , background , … )


Element Settings  Frontend View
  box-film box-film-front

4.5. Countdown & subscribe

This small element will allow you show your achievement, with countdown effect.


Element Settings  Frontend View
  countdown countdown-front

4.6. Show crew section

This shortcode will show crews that was already exist in your system.
To know how to create crew, please refer this.


Settings Frontend-View
show-crew crew-front-4 crew-front-3
crew-front-1 crew-front-2

4.7. Discover

You can use this short code to show a small description of your team.
Its name is look like page template Discover but it’s not 🙂

Element Settings  Frontend View
 discover-1 discover-2 discover-front-3 discover-front-2 discover-front-1

This shortcode allow you show a gallery list.
It will take the featured image of each gallery to show.
Number of style : 02


Element Settings  Frontend View
  gallery-list   gallery-list-front-1gallery-list-front-2

4.9. Instagram show

Use this shortcode if you want to public your beautiful images from instagram.

Element Settings  Frontend View
  instagram   instagram-1

4.10. Show partner section

This shortcode will allow you to show your partners that are existing in your system .
If you want to know how to create new post in partner post type , click here.

This post have 4 styles for 2,3,4,6 columns

Element Settings  Frontend View
  show-partner   show-partner-front

4.11. Service

Service is a small shortcode with image and text.


Element Settings  Frontend View
  service   service-front

4.12. show Testimonial

This is a shortcode that will show testimonials in your system with a slider.
So you have to create at least 1 testimonial.
You can refer here to know how to create a custom posttype post.

Element Settings  Frontend View
  show-test   show-test-front

4.12. Show video blog

This shortcode will show your posts.
Just need to enter post ids.

Element Settings  Frontend View
  video_blog   video_blog-front

This shortcode have a long name but it’s quite short.
It can be used for inviting people with custom link register.

Element Settings  Frontend View
  join-crew   join-crew-front

4.14. Show team list

This shortcode will show a list of your team post type as a slider.

Element Settings  Frontend View
  show-team   show-team-front

4.15. Show film text block

This shortcode will show a small text block.


Element Settings  Frontend View
  show-film-text   show-film-text-front

4.16. Show film list

This shortcode allow you to introduce your films.
Number of style : 04


Element Settings  Frontend View
  show-film-list   show-film-list-front-4 show-film-list-front-3
show-film-list-front-2 show-film-list-front-1

4.17. Show winning award

You can use this shortcode to show the awards that film get.


Element Settings  Frontend View
  winning   winning-front

This shortcode will show a gallery as slider.


Element Settings  Frontend View
  gallery-slider   gallery-slider-front

5. Widgets

Here is a list of widget sidebars that included with our theme.

  1. Footer sidebar 1-4 : 
    They will show as 4 columns in the footer, each sidebar for 1 columns (but just in case you are using footer column).
  2. Right Sidebar : 
    The default sidebar of WordPress .
  3. Single post sidebar :
    Side bar for blog post.

6. Theme Options

This theme provide a lot of options that you can easier to modify.
Please go to Appearance > Theme options  , then you will see.
I will describe these option for you as below :

6.1. General option

  1. Main logo : 
    The default logo of your sites.
  2. 404 Logo :
    Logo that will show on 404 page.
  3. Upload 404 image : 
    Change the background of 404 page.
  4. Enable searchbar:
    You can disable it if you want

6.2. Social Setting

  • Social Link : This option allow you to assign link to social icons

  • Social To Show : This option allow you to choose which social icon appear in your site.

  • MailChimp API:  This option is for subscribe form, your subscriber will be added to Mailchimp account that set in here.

6.3. Typo setting

  • This option allow you to style the font of several tags .
    Notice : it may not work with some default theme elements.

You can custom your header and footer here.
There are 03 styles for header, 05 styles for footer.

Header style : 

Default menu :
With this option, logo will be the left side, and main menu will be in the right.

Header hamburger menu left side :
Menu will appear as small hamburger icon in the left, will show menu item when you click icon.

Header two nav :
Logo with be in center of “Menu Nav Right” and “Menu Nav Left” (Remember that you have to set Menu right and left in Appearance > Menus).

Footer styles : 

– Standard footer :
This is default footer, contain Subscribe form, your custom texts.
Demo footer
– No footer display :
Disable footer.
– Footer using image cover :
If you want to see footer like this page .
There is also an option below to choose background image for footer.
– Footer using color background :
Use color background for footer.
– Footer text center :
Text will be align in center. Like footer in this page

Header setting Footer setting
film-header film-footer

This section is for Single gallery view.
There are 3 options in here :

  • type display gallery :
    We provide 2 types of single gallery view, they are slide style and grid lightbox, (please click type name to view demo)
  • Your Title single gallery :
    Set the title for single gallery.
  • Enable lightbox :
    In case you want the grid images but don’t want light box.

6.6. Option Taxonomy film (film category)

This section is for Taxonomy film.

  • Your type display film view list :
    Choose the layout.
    There are 2 layout :
    – Zigzag and List
  • And the others is text in the top.

6.7. Option Archive Blog


There is only 1 option for archive blog layout . archive-blog

6.8. Option single Post

This is for the single post page.
There are 2 options for 2 types of post – normal post and video post.

  • Single post
    – Full page
    – Layout with sidebar
  • Video post
    – Background black
    – None background

6.9. Demo Importer

This option allow you to import our sample demo.
You can refer here to know how to use.

6.10. Import/Export


  • This section allow you to import or export the Theme option.
  • You should use this feature when you want to set option faster.

7. Page options

Along with the Theme Option, this theme provides another kind of option called Page Option.


  • When render the page, Page option will be prioritized over Theme option . 
  • You can use page option in Edit page.
    Please check the image in the right

8. How tos/Guides

8.1. How to create page with Visual Composer

Visual Composer is one of top WordPress Page Builder Plugin.
If you are not familiar with Visual Composer, please watch this :

Or you can go to the official website of this plugin here :

Visual Composer Navigation Interface

8.2. Add Slider to page

Master Slider is a required plugin.
With this, you can create awesome sliders and then put them to your pages.
Below is the instruction to add slider to your page :

  1. You have to create at least 1 slider first. Please watch this video to know how to make it .
  2. Then go to Edit page
    > Choose header type :Slider
    > Select your slider : Select slider that you created

8.3. How to use subscribe form ?

Subscribe form in footer is integrated with MailChimp.
So you have to create a Mail Chimp account first.
And then go to Appearance > Theme option > Social Setting > MailChimp API > Set your Mailchimp API + Group ID.

8.4. How to create form in Contact Form 7

You can refer the video below :

8.5. How to translate this theme


  • This theme is fully translatable.
    Our translate file is located in :
  • If you have no idea how to work with this file, we can advice you to use PoEdit – a simple software to translate.

You can see instruction of this software in the right .

8.6. Modify this theme (For dev)

Developer can read this section to know which files that you have to modify.

Backend : 

  • Post-type : You can modify posttype by editing post type register file in this folder :
  • Custom fields : Default custom fields of this theme are created in this file :
  • Theme options :
  • Shortcode (Visual Composer Element) :
    This folder register shortcodes, manage the options, frontend-file of shortcodes.
  • Custom widget :
    Widget that created with this theme are declared here :

Front-end : 

  • Shortcode (Visual Composer Element) Output :

9. Update theme

Updating is necessary as it avoid bugs, add new features, enhance the old feature.
So, in case you don’t know how to update, there are 3 ways to do that, please read as below :


#1. Automatic Updates via The Envato Market Plugin :

Envato released a plugin called Envato Market which can be used to manage all your themes and plugins purchased from ThemeForest and Codecanyon via your WordPress dashboard. This project is in beta and it is a little bit more complicated to setup but if you want to give it a try you can!


#2. Automatic Updates Via Envato Toolkit

The Envato Toolkit is a great plugin created by Envato so you can update any ThemeForest theme right via your WordPress dashboard. You can have a look at the full guide below to see how this plugin is used.




#3. Manual Updates Via FTP/SFTP Override

The last way is manual update by simply overriding all files via FTP or SFTP.

  • Step 1: Download the “theme package” from ThemeForest
  • Step 2: Access your server via FTP or SFTP (if you aren’t sure how usually your webhost will have instructions somewhere on their site)
  • Step 3: Browse to wp-content/themes/
  • Step 4: Delete and override the “filmmaker” folder files with the new ones downloaded in step 1.
  • Step 5 : Go to Installed Plugins > update plugin Film Maker Postype if needed.

10. Getting support!

In case you need support from us.
Please go to our support site and create ticket about your problem.
We will response within 24 hours (except holidays).

Thank you very much for purchasing and using our theme!
Have a nice day !

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