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A Premium WordPress Theme by Beautheme

Thank you for purchasing our theme.

We hope you’ll love this simple and elegant WordPress business theme, designed especially for you to create a visually appealing website.

Our team created it with a lot of hard work and love. We want your website to prosper with beauty.

If you have any question about our theme, and please feel free to contact us via our user page contact form here.Our support team will be happy to assist you.

This version includes online shop, plugins updated, change the folder’s structure to optimise website.Specially, This nextop theme was designed with a full-featured booking model.


Part I. General section

I. Theme Installation

1. Requirements before installing theme

Make sure that you have installed a fresh wordpress

Server requirements: PHP 5.3 or greater, max_execution_time 120, memory_limit 64M, post_max_size 32M, upload_max_filesize 32M, allow_url_fopen ON.

Check to ensure that your web host has the minimum requirements to run WordPress

Always make sure they are running the latest version of WordPress

You can download the latest release of WordPress from official WordPress website

Always create secure passwords FTP and Database.

If you have not installed wordpress, you can read about Famous 5 Minute Installation.

Things to Know Before You Begin Installing WordPress

Note : Some of the images included in the demo site are for showcase only and not distributed in the package.

Please note that we do not give support or any questions related on how to install and maintain wordpress. For any faulty installation that may cause your website or our theme malfunction you should refer to wordpress support forum. Alternatively you can get help from your web hosting.


2. Theme installation

There are two methods for installing theme.

Method 1 : Manual Installation

Install your wordpress page.

After installing your wordpress page, you follow this step.

Login your dasboard with your username and password, in the left menu Choose Appearance -> Themes.

After themes choose add new and then Upload theme

Choose file  themename_install.zip Unzip from Themeforest download pagkage (Do not unzip it one more time.)

When installing successfully, click Active.

Method 2 : upload theme via FTP.

You can learn more at this article.

How to install you theme


3. Required plugins

Theme require you to activate some plugins for it, click the link Begin Intalling plugins you will see all the plugins require and recommend for this theme and follow the step.

This theme comes bundled with some plugins. They are :

  • Contact Form 7 – Used for contact form and newsletter signup
  • Revolution Slider– Create beautiful and creative slider
  • Nextop postype and function– Core of theme –  it contains the functionality and posttypes of this theme
  • WPBakery Visual Composer – Page builder – This plugin will allow you to build your page easily.
  • Woocommerce – Best WordPress Plugin for Ecommerce.

Please remember that all of plugins above is include with our theme. So you not need to purchase any more.

When you active this theme, you can download these plugins in the notice about requirement plugins in the top page.



II. Import demo data

To help customers building pages faster, we also provide our sample data, which is included with theme package. (please note that this is work best at fresh WordPress installation ).
We provided a function that allow you to one click import demo, please go to this section to read about that.

Here are steps to do that

Step 1 : Login your dashboard

Step 2 : Find and go to “Appearance” click “Import demo”

Step 3 : Click on “Start”


III. Update Theme

Nothing stands still, the updates for WP and plugins are constantly released and they are included in our template.

We supplement our theme with new features and fix all the issues. Because of this our team regularly updates theme.

We recommend you always to use the last theme version to avoid the issues with incorrect template functioning.

While the theme update the theme files will be rewritten and if you made any changes directly in them, these changes will be lost.

So, if you are planning to customize your template, we insistently advise you to use Child Theme or Custom CSS area in Theme Options in case your changes affect only CSS styles.

The theme update affects only the theme files and does not influence the database. But, to avoid any difficulties, please, do the backup of theme files and database before any update.

Follow the steps below to update theme through FTP:
  1. Download the zipped package from ThemeForest and extract to your desktop.
  2. In the extracted package you will find archive bebostore.x.x.zip, which is the WordPress theme.
  3. Extract zip file and upload only extracted bebostore folder to /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server with overwriting.
  4. Check if you use the latest version of Nextop posttype and function plugin. Update, also, this plugin if your version is not up to date.

Or you can watch  instruction video  in updating theme


Or you read an article to know how to update theme

Here is reference

How to update theme

IV. Getting support

Dear customer !

We strongly recommend to read this documentation attentively to save time during setting up our theme.

In case you need to support from us, please go to our support site and create ticket about our problem.

We will response within 24 hours ( except holidays and workday off on the weekends ).

Thanks for your interest in purchasing and using our theme.

Part II. Detail section

I. Theme options

This theme provides a lot of options that you can easier to modify.
In Admin panel > Theme options  , then you will see.
It will be described these option for you as below



1. General Option

This section is for basic setup. That you can set your logo, go to top button,…

  • Upload logoUpload mobile logoUpload fixed header logo :
    to change the main logo , logo in mobile , logo fixed menu of your website.

  • Enable smooth scroll :
    This option will make mouse scroll become smooth.

  • Show main navigation :
    This option will allow you to hide / show the main menu.

  • Choose contact form booking profile :
    You can choose your custom contact form for your detail profile page. (Click to the button Booking in detail profile page, you will jump to this contact form) .



You select content  layout- Choose your style for your header, and below is a screenshot for each style

Default header-default




Non – slide











custom some options such as show or hide search, cart, link language on header

You can pick up color for some elements on header likely header icon, header icon hover, header background



If you want to change the style of footer, here is the best place to do it.

Content layout- Choose your style for your footer, below is a screenshot for each style






Footer full



You can custom your footer text, color and background color by the rest options.



3. Main menu setting


  • As you can see here, this is place that you can control typo of your menu (navigation).
  • We allow you to fully customize it, you can change font, size, style of menu item.

But if it’s not necessary, please don’t modify it. It may break our style, that’s what we don’t want 🙂


4. Styling option

This section allow you to change the styling. It contain 3 child sections :

  • Theme style setting : Change the body style
  • Button color : Change the button style
  • Sidebar color : Change the sidebar text style.

5. Blog option

This section have 2 child sections, option for single blog page and archive blog page.

Blog Archive Option (for archive blog page): 

  • Archive layout : To change the layout page, we provide 4 layout :1. Default  : Demo
    2. Sidebar : Demo
    3. Grid : Demo
    4. Sidebar Grid : Demo

  • Also, as you can see in screenshot, we provide a lot of option to enable/disable the page elements.

Blog Single Option (for single blog page): 

  • This section is for single blog page.
  • You can disable the elements that you don’t want to show.

6. Social Setting

  •  This section allow you to put your social link to social button :
  • If you leave social field to blank, social button will be disappear.

7. Advance option

Allow you to turn on responsive mode.

8. Import/Export

  • This section allow you to import or export the Theme option.
  • You should use this feature when you want to set option faster.

II. Page Option

Along with the Theme Option, this theme provides another kind of option called Page Option.


  • When render the page, Page option will be prioritized over Theme option . 
  • You can use page option in Edit page.
    Please check the image in the right
  • With page option, you can change font type, header, footer style, logo,..

III. Page Template

  • Page Template is the useful feature that bring to you the ability to set up the specific pages easier (Just choose the template then save).
  • To understand Page Template, you can refer this article.
  • To use Page Template, in edit page, you will see the Template option in the right column (like this image)


Below is a list of pages templates that are included in this theme 

1. Template Architect

  • This template allow you to create creative page for your projects.
  • Because it will show your  projects so you may need to create your Project first (In admin > Project > Add new)


2. Template Archive

  • In case you want to display your archive in specific page, template archive will allow you that.
  • Please look at the video in the left, you will see 🙂


3. Template with sidebar

  • If you want sidebar in your web page, you can use Template choose sidebar .
  • Let’s check the tutorial video


4.  Template Gallery

Template gallery will show your gallery, so you have to create your gallery if you don’t have one (In Admin > Gallery > Add new)

Let’s watch video



IV. Post type Builder

Custom posttype is the kind of post that serve for some specific business.
Create a custom posttype is similar to post .
Below I will show you how to create a custom posttype :

  1. In left column in admin panel

  2. Click Add New in post type name

  3. Set data for post type and then Save
posttype-createAdd new doc item
Below are the list of post types that comes with our theme,
each post type have its own attributes and purpose.

Let’s figure out !!

1. Posttype Project

  • This posttype are used to save projects .
  • It can be showed as single page or element in Architech Template.
  • To create it, please see tutorial video in the right.


  • This posttype can be used to save your galleries.
  • It can be showed in :
    – its detail page.
    Template Gallery
    – Element in Visual Composer Builder (show single gallery , show list gallery)

3. Posttype Tour

  • Tour posttype will allow you to notice customer about your tours.
  • Tour post type don’t have its single page.
  • Tour post type will be used by Visual Composer Page builder (Element Show Tour and Show List tour)

4. Posttype Member

  • Member is a small posttype to save your team member.
  • It don’t have single page
  • Can be used in Visual Composer Builder with element “List Team Member” and “List Member”

5. Posttype Timeline

  • Posttype timeline is used to save your milestones , events, projects.
  • It don’t have single page
  • You can show it by Visual Composer Builder (Show Timeline)

6. Posttype Profile

  • This posttype is used to save the profile of artists or models .
  • To settup , please refer the video in the left

7. Posttype Cooperator

  • You can add your cooperator here and show it will element in VC Builder
  • It require only image cooperator , name and link to cooperator page.

8. Posttype Album

  • This posttype  is used to save albums
  • You can add multi local audio files to album

9. Posttype Testimonial

You can put all your feedbacks from your customers in here.
It will be used by Visual Composer.

V. Visual Composer Elements (Part 1)

Our theme are fully integrated with Visual Composer page builder.
We also provide you a bunch of  our creative elements, let’s figure it out :

1. About Text

How’s it look like Setting up

2. Show Slide album

How’s it look like Setting up


3. Banner with image

How’s it look like Setting up


4. Become model

How’s it look like Setting up
  • Title element : 
    — Looking for creative model —
  • Description element : 

    Lorem ipsum…

  • Text submit button :
    Give me a change
  • Link submit button :



Setting up How’s it look like
  • This shortcode will show all gallery images (Gallery posttype)
  • Just need to choose your gallery .

6. Show hight fashion

How’s it look like Setting up

7. List cooporator

How’s it look like Setting up
How’s it look like Setting up

9. List Member

How’s it look like Setting up

10. Show List Product by category

How’s it look like Setting up

11. Show List Tour

Setting up How’s it look like
This shortcode will show all your tours (Admin panel > Tours) , just need to set few things :

  • Title list tours  :
  • Description list tours :
    Best artist ever …
  • Link list tours to click :


12. Map Nexttop

Setting up How’s it look like
This shortcode will show google map, can be used in About page, Contact page,..

  • Icon map :
    Choose the icon for map.
  • Latitude of map 
  • Longitude of map

For lat and long, you can go to this page to get : http://www.latlong.net/

13. Show News (Posts)

How’s it look like Setting up

14. Show list product today

Setting up How’s it look like
This shortcode will show all your products
Option :

  • Title element :
    Today’s product
  • Select category (to filter by category)
  • Select product (to filter by products)
  • Number product show (to limit products show)

15. Profile Persional Page

How’s it look like Setting up

16. Profile tab category

How’s it look like Setting up

17. Profile

How’s it look like Setting up


VI. Visual Composer Elements (Part 2)

1. Service Grid

How’s it look like Setting up

2. Short Paragraph

Setting up How’s it look like
  • This Element will show small text like the right picture.
  • There are only 3 option :
     – title
    –  content left

    – content right

3. Show Single Product

Setting up How’s it look like
  • This Element is similar to element Profile , but for Product.
  • Options :
    1. Select product show
    2. Image product left : Main image
    3. Show icon hot
    4. Content : Enter content for section
    5. Text button : enter text for button (Buy Now for example)
    6. Link view all : Enter link + text to view all.

4. Single Testimonial

Setting up How’s it look like
  • This Element is use to add a testimonial.
  • Options :
    1. Author
    3. Color (For testimonial)
    5. Text button : enter text for button (Buy Now for example)
    6. Link view all : Enter link + text to view all.

5. Show Slide images

Setting up How’s it look like
  • This Element will show a swiper slider.
  • All you need is choose images to show.

6. Static list image

Setting up How’s it look like
  • This Element will show list images.
  • All you need is choose images to show.

7. Show Testimonial

Setting up How’s it look like
  • This Element will show all testimonials from your site (Admin> Testimonial).

8. Text with social

Setting up How’s it look like
  • Options :
    1. Title.
    2. Description.
    3. Social Link

9. Show Time line

Setting up How’s it look like
  • This element will display your timeline.
  • Options :
    1. Title section timeline.
    2. Choose timeline (that available in Admin panel > Timeline).

10. Show title and description

Setting up How’s it look like
  • We mostly use this element to show header of sections .
  • Options :
    1. Title
    2. Description
    3. Enable bottom dot
    4. Enable bottom line

11. Show tours

Setting up How’s it look like
  • You can use this element to announce your tours, we do that too 😉
  • Options :
    1. Title tours
    2. Select tours
    3. Select featured tour

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