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A Premium WordPress Theme by Beautheme

Thank you for purchasing our theme.

We hope you’ll love this simple and elegant WordPress business theme, designed especially for you to create a visually appealing website.

Our team created it with a lot of hard work and love. We want your website to prosper with …

if you have any question about our theme, and please feel free to contact us via our user page contact form here.Our support team will be happy to assist you.

This version includes online shop, plugins updated, change the folder’s structure to optimise website.Specially, This book store theme was designed with a full-featured store book.


Part I. General section

I. Theme Installation

1. Requirements before installing theme

Make sure that you have installed a fresh wordpress

Server requirements: PHP 5.3 or greater, max_execution_time 120, memory_limit 64M, post_max_size 32M, upload_max_filesize 32M, allow_url_fopen ON.

Check to ensure that your web host has the minimum requirements to run WordPress

Always make sure they are running the latest version of WordPress

You can download the latest release of WordPress from official WordPress website

Always create secure passwords FTP and Database.

If you have not installed wordpress, you can read about Famous 5 Minute Installation.

Things to Know Before You Begin Installing WordPress

Note : Some of the images included in the demo site are for showcase only and not distributed in the package.

Please note that we do not give support or any questions related on how to install and maintain wordpress. For any faulty installation that may cause your website or our theme malfunction you should refer to wordpress support forum. Alternatively you can get help from your web hosting.


2. Theme installation

There are two methods for installing theme.

Method 1 : Manual Installation

Install your wordpress page.

After installing your wordpress page, you follow this step.

Login your dasboard with your username and password, in the left menu Choose Appearance -> Themes.

After themes choose add new and then Upload theme

Choose file  themename_install.zip Unzip from Themeforest download pagkage (Do not unzip it one more time.)

When installing successfully, click Active.

Method 2 : upload theme via FTP.

You can learn more at this article.

How to install you theme


3. Required plugins

Theme require you to activate some plugins for it, click the link Begin Intalling plugins you will see all the plugins require and recommend for this theme and follow the step.

This theme comes bundled with some plugins. They are :

  • Max Megamenu – To create beautiful megamenu,
  • Revolution Slider– Create beautiful and creative slider
  • BeBo store postype – Core of theme –  it contains the functionality and posttypes of this theme
  • WPBakery Visual Composer – This plugin will allow you to build your page easily
  • Woocommerce – Best WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce .

Please remember that all of plugins above is include with our theme. So you not need to purchase any more.

When you active this theme, you can download these plugins in the notice about requirement plugins in the top page.


II. Import demo data

Method 1 : Import through files

They are

  1. Posts data : It contain the posts, products, navigation, … data.
    There are 03 files corresponding to 7 demo site :
    – bookstore(Home-library).xml – this is for home library
    – bookstore(Home-store).xml – this is for home full store
    – bookstore-default.xml – this is for the rest.
    How to import these file  :
    You can use the import feature of wordpress, please go to Tool > Import > WordPress > Then click Import.
    Note : our sample data is quite large because it contain many high quality picture.
    So to avoid the problem that can caused by your server configuration, you can disable Download and import file attachments

2.Slider data : It contain the sliders data, you can find it in Sample data/Revolution slide .
There are 7 data file that corresponding to 7 slider in demo.
How to import these file  :
After enable plugin Revolution Slider, you can go to Slider Revolution > Import Slider.

Method 2 : Click on Demo Importer

This section allow you to import our sample data.
Notice :

  • This function works best for fresh WordPress Installation
  • Our demo data is quite large so maybe it’s not suitable with default server configuration, your server need to modify as below :
    – PHP 5.3 or greater
    –  max_execution_time : 120
    – memory_limit : 64M
    – post_max_size : 32M
    – upload_max_filesize : 32M
    – allow_url_fopen : ON

Steps to do

Step 1 : Log in your dashboard

Step 2 : Go to theme options –> click demo importer

Step 3 : Click on button import demo of demo name


Step 4 : Wait some several times until demo is imprted successfully.


III. Setup WooCommerce

After install Woocommerce plugin, please set the product size. Recommend size is below :

  • In Admin Panel > WooCommerceSetting
  • Click tab Product > Click tab Display
  • Set Product Images like these images.





IV. Update theme

Nothing stands still, the updates for WP and plugins are constantly released and they are included in our template.

We supplement our theme with new features and fix all the issues. Because of this our team regularly updates theme.

We recommend you always to use the last theme version to avoid the issues with incorrect template functioning.

While the theme update the theme files will be rewritten and if you made any changes directly in them, these changes will be lost.

So, if you are planning to customize your template, we insistently advise you to use Child Theme or Custom CSS area in Theme Options in case your changes affect only CSS styles.

The theme update affects only the theme files and does not influence the database. But, to avoid any difficulties, please, do the backup of theme files and database before any update.

Follow the steps below to update theme through FTP:
  1. Download the zipped package from ThemeForest and extract to your desktop.
  2. In the extracted package you will find archive bebostore.x.x.zip, which is the WordPress theme.
  3. Extract zip file and upload only extracted bebostore folder to /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server with overwriting.
  4. Check if you use the latest version of Bebo posttype and function plugin. Update, also, this plugin if your version is not up to date.

Or you can watch  instruction video  in updating theme


Or you read an article to know how to update theme

Here is reference

How to update theme


V. Setting up menu and front page


  • After import the demo data, the next thing that you want to do is setup the menu.
  • Please go to Appearance > Menu > Then choose where you want these menus to be.
setup-menu bebo-setup-menu


By default the front page will display your latest posts. You can change this so readers see a static page instead, and can view your posts on a different page.

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click on Settings > Reading > Front page displays
  3. Then choose  a static page.
  4. Choose your Homepage for Front Page, and choose your Blog page for Posts Page.
  5. All done. Your Blog is now fully functional.

VI. Getting support

Dear customers!
We strongly recommend to read this documentation attentively to save your time during further setting up of our theme.
In case you need support from us.
Please go to our support site and create ticket about your problem.
We will response within 24 hours (except holidays).
Thank you very much for purchasing and using our theme!
Have a nice day !

Part II. Detail section

I. Theme Option

This theme provide a lot of options that you can easier to modify.
Please go to Theme options  , then you will see.
I will describe these option for you as below :

1. General option

  1. Upload Logo : Setup logo for your website

  2. Admin email : This options is used for Contact form. Contact form will send email from your customer to this email.

  3. Your author page : This option is no longer exist
  4. Hotline : It will show your hotline number, but only if you use Humberger menu.

  5. Disable search : Do you want to use the search bar ?

  6. Enable back to top : If enable, an back to top button will show in your website .

  7. Enable Single Page : If you enable it, Author page will show as single page. (default is AJAX List author)

  8. Disable 3d flip book : If you don’t want flip book effect, you can choose this option.

2. Page shop options


  • Select Style shop : Layout for shop page , there are 2 layouts :
    Shop List : View Demo
    Shop Grid : View Demo

  • Select style Shop details :
    Layout for product detail page, there are 3 styles for it :
    Shop List : View Demo
    Full GridView Demo
    Shop SpecialView Demo



  • Show flip book :
    enable flip effect in product detail page

  • Show cart on header :
    Do you want to show cart on the header menu ?

3. Woocommerce details product options

This small option have 3 field :

  • Enable Wishlist : If you don’t want to use wishlish feature, you can disable it.

  • Show price product : This option can hide product in detail product page, shop page.

  • Show add to cart : Same as wishlist, but for cart : D

4. Blogs options

This option is for archive page.

  • Archive blog page : Choose layout for archive page, there are 7 layouts for this .

  • Chose single type : Set layout for single post.
    There are 2 layouts for this, with sidebar and without sidebar.

5. Social Setting

There are 4 child sections for this :

  • Social link : Link your real address with the social icons that we provided.

  • Social to show : Choose which icons will be showed (it will get the link for each from section Social Link)

  • Mailchimp API: This is use for subscribe form. The subscribers will be register on this Mailchimp account.


6. Typo setting

  • This option allow you to style the font of several tags .
    Notice : it may not work with some default theme elements.

7. Button Option

This is used for modify button style if you don’t want follow our style.
There are 2 child sections for that :


  • Orange background : option in this area will affect to orange background  (default theme)
  • White background : option in this area will affect to white background (default theme)

Custom Header : 

This option area is used for header.

  • Header type : There are 2 type of header, default and humburger menu .

  • Header Text Color
  • Header background Color
  • Header dropdown BG Color

  • Header fixed : Enable fixed, sticky menu,

Custom Footer: 

This area is use for footer.

  • Footer type : There are 2 type of footer :
    – Default : View Demo
    – Footer Home 7 : View Demo
    As you can see, footer home 7 is full width and footer default is not.

  • Footer Text Color :
    Change your top footer text color.

  • Footer background Color :
    Change your top footer background.

  • Footer bottom Color :
    Change your bottom footer background.

  • Footer bottom Text Color :
    Change your bottom gooter text color.

  • Shipping & Payment : Select the shipment icons that you want to appear in the bottom footer.

  • Chose footer columns :
    Choose how many columns that you want to show in top footer.
    After choose, you have to go to Appearance > Widgets > then modified your footer column.

  • Custom footer :
    Write few text here, it will appear in the right of  bottom footer.


Your link for payment : 

This section is used for linking address for Shipping & Payment icons that appear in the bottom footer.

9. Demo importer

9. Import/Export

  • This section allow you to import or export the Theme option.
  • You should use this feature when you want to set option faster.

II . Visual Composer Page Builder

Visual Composer is the most feature rich drag and drop page builder on the market and one of the most popular WordPress plugins.

You can read Visual Composer page builder documentation and watch video guiding to use it at this  https://wpbakery.com/video-tutorials/

Our theme integrated our Short code as VC Element.
So that make the process is quite simple.

Please take a look at the below part, we will introduce our elements :


1. Show social list

This shortcode will show all social icon that allowed to show.




Frontend view

back-show-list-social show-list-social

2. Author & book

This element will display a highlight author or book



Frontend view




3. Show blog item

This shortcode will display your posts.




Frontend view

blog-item-back blog-item-front

4. Book store agency

This shortcode will show your store agency.
You only need to put link and title.




Frontend view

book-store-agency-back book-store-agency-front

5. Show logo publisher

This shortcode will allow you to display your publisher logo with nice slider.




Frontend view

show-logo-publish-back show-logo-publish-front

6. Beau Pro Category

This section allow you to display your product categories.
There are 2 styles for that, they are “Home 07” and “Home 06“.
Home 07 are suitable for sidebar while Home 06 is for full width.




Frontend view

pro-cat-back Home 06 : 


Home 07 :



7. Show list author

This section is used for display your authors.



Frontend view

show-list-author show-list-author-front

8. Show A Icon

This small shortcode will display an icon and title.
You can use it to show your services or something similar .



Frontend view

show-a-icon-back show-a-icon-front

9. Show subscribe form

This element will show your Subscribe form using Mailchimp service.
There are 2 style for this, they are Full layout and Small layout.
Full layout
is suitable for full-width row while Small layout is suitable for columns.
You can see Full layout in our Classic demo.
and Small layout in our Full Store demo.
Note : You should set your Mailchimp API before use subscribe form.



Frontend view

subscriber-form-back subscriber-form


10. Show Testimonial

This shortcode will show Testimonial in your system as slider.
There are 2 styles to show :
– Full width : Suitable for full-width row
– 1/2 page : This option is suitable for column, that will hide the image of Testimonial.




Frontend view

bb-testtimonial-back Full Width :

1/2 Page : bb-testtimonial-12-front

11. About Paragraph

This shortcode allow you to show a paragraph with title , description and max 02 images




Frontend view

about-paragraph-back about-paragraph-front

12. Show Beau Slide

This section will allow you to show your products by slider.
There are 06 types of sliders that we show below.
You can also set number of slider per view (just for few slider type)  .




Frontend view

  • Zoom slide :


  • Defletion slide


  • Horizotal slide



  • Two line slide :


  • Scroll slide : 


  • Normal



13. Show Single Product

  • This shortcode will allow you to show your highlight product.
  • Just need to enter the product id that you want to show, if you don’t know how to get product id, please take a look to image in the right.
  • It also provide you several Style to arrange the position of elements .



Frontend view

show-single-product-back single-book-02


Another style :


14. Show Contact

Show contact is a necessary shortcode, that allow you to create your contact form that already integrate with your google map.
There are 03 styles for layout of contact page.
And 07 styles for map color.
And if you don’t know how to get your coordinate for your address, please refer THIS PAGE to get Lat and Long.
Let’s check :


Frontend view

show-contact-back Horizontal one column:


Horizontal :





15. Show Store

With this element, you can use to show your current Stores.
You can go to Admin panel > Store > All Store, to edit your store.



Frontend view

element-show-store show-store

16. Show our team

This element will show your current Team.
You can go to Admin panel > Team > All Team, to edit your Team member.



Frontend view

element-our-team our-team

III. Page Template

  • Page Template is the useful feature that bring to you the ability to set up the specific pages easier (Just choose the template then save).
  • To understand Page Template, you can refer this article.
  • To use Page Template, in edit page, you will see the Template option in the right column (like this image)


Below is a list of pages templates that are included in this theme :

4.1. Template blank

This is our default template, will show the content with header & footer and header image (featured image).

This page template don’t require any setting.

4.2. Template Home 07

This is our special template just use for specific layout like our demo. 

This page template don’t require any setting.

4.3. Template Blog

This template will make your page to show your blog posts.
It provide 07 styles.

This template have 2 option to choose :

  • Chose your layout : with this option, you can choose your layout of blog posts.
  • Your cover : Select your header image cover.


V. Widgets

This section is for Appearance > Widgets.

Here is a list of widget sidebars that included with our theme :

  • Sidebar Product :
    This area will appear in the left shop pages.
    As you can see here , we add few widgets like Favorite, Category, Product Filter,…

  • Sidebar Product Home 6,7 :
    We create these sidebars to apply it to our page by VC Element Widgetised sidebar.

  • Footer sidebar 1-4 :
    These sidebar will appear in the footer.
    Number of sidebar are depended in Theme Option > Header & Footer > Custom Footer

VI. Post types page builder

Custom posttype is the kind of post that serve for some specific business.
Create a custom posttype is similar to post .
Below I will show you how to create a custom posttype :


  1. In left column in admin panel

  2. Click Add New in post type name

  3. Set data for post type and then Save
posttype-createAdd new doc item


Below are the list of post types that comes with our theme,
each post type have its own attributes and purpose.

Let’s figure out !!

6.1. Testimonial

This post type will allow you to create your testimonials, it’s used by shortcode Testimonial.



Attributes How it look 
  • Name author (post title)

  • Message (author words)

  • Author job (Job of author)

  • Author avatar ( image for testimonial)



6.2. Team

You can create your team member by this post type, it’s used by shortcode Show our Team.



Attributes How it look 
  • Name Member (post title)

  • Author job (Job of author)

  • Person avatar ( image for testimonial)

  • Person facebook url (facebook social link)

  • Person twitter url (twitter social link)

  • Person google+ url (google+ social link)



6.3. Author Book

We created this posttype for author in detail.
You can link your products with author.
For the single author book page, we provide 02  styles for it.
They are AJAX style and normal style, you can change it in Theme Option > General setting > Enable single page




How it look 

  • Author Name (post title)

  • Author Description

  • Author Avatar

  • Year of Birth

  • Primary Job

  • Social Network Link (facebook,twitter ,pinterest,…)
AJAX Mode Normal
author-ajax author-normal

6.4. Publisher

In case you want to set publisher, you can use this post type.
it’s used by shortcode  Show logo publisher.
You can also link your Product with Publisher .


Attributes How it look 
publisher-posttype  logo-publisher

6.5. Store

You can use this post type if you have multi-store and want to notice it for customer.
This can be used for shortcode Show Store. 


Attributes How it look 
shortcode-store show-store

6.6. Retailer

This shortcode is used for affiliate feature in Product.
All you need is enter name and image for Retailer .
To link Retailer to Product, please check the part below.

6.7. Product

Product actually is the shortcode of WooCommerce. But we modified a little bit to serve our requirements.
So we will just describe the additional fields in here :



  • In case you don’t want to sell book, you can set product type to other type like Soundclould, Video, MP3 .
    When you choose specific type, there will be an additional appear to set the product data.

    bb-product bb-product-type


Product no Frame : 

As default, we style our book with book frame, make your product look like real book.

You can disable it if you don’t want.


Affiliate Book: 

In this section, if you want to use affiliate , here are the part that you need to modify.
But at first, you have to create your Retailer if you don’t have one (In admin > Retailer > Add new).

bb-product-affilate bb-product-affilate-front


More Information : 


  • In this section, you can link your Author and Publisher
    ( that already exist in your system).

VII. How tos/Guides

7.1. How to use subscribe form

  • Subscribe form in footer is integrated with MailChimp
    So you have to create a Mail Chimp account first.
  • And then go to Appearance > Theme option > Social Setting > MailChimp API > Set your Mailchimp API + Group ID.
  • From now on, your subscribers will be added in your MailChimp account .

7.2. How to build page with Visual Composer

  • Visual Composer is one of top WordPress Page Builder Plugin.
  • If you are not familiar with Visual Composer, please watch the tutorial below :
  • Or you can go to the official website of this plugin here :

    Visual Composer Navigation Interface

7.3. Translate this theme

Using PoEdit

The translation file default.pot you can find in Translation Files folder in theme package. Edit the .po file using POEdit, use the translation field to make replacements. Read here how to do it right.

From the file menu, save file with your language name e.g de_DE.po. It will generate both a .po and .mo files for your translation. Place these files into languages folder /wp-content/themes/bebostore/languages.

Translation with WPML

Bebostore is WPML compatible theme that means you may translate template to the language you need. To start you need to purchase a recent version of WPML, including the String Translation and Translation Management modules.

Follow Getting Started Guide after core WPML plugins installation.

To begin translation go to WPML > Theme and Plugin Localization. Click on Scan the theme for strings and you will see theme strings and which ones are translated or not. Then select WPML > String translation and a list of the strings in the theme will be available. Choose the string you need to translate and press translation link to add translations to languages.

7.4. Affiliate

This feature was added to our Bebotheme since 2.0.2.
To use it, please create new Retailer
Then go to this section , to know how to setup product.

7.5. Disable 3d flip book

Well, in case you don’t want to use this feature,
you can disable it in Theme optionGeneral option > Disable 3d flip book

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