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A Premium WordPress Theme by Beautheme

Thank you for purchasing our theme. This file is really helpful for you if you have any question about our theme, and please feel free to contact us via our user page contact form here.

This version includes online shop, plugins updated, change the folder’s structure to optimise website.Specially, This 1992 theme was designed with a full-featured selling children’s toys.

In this user guide you will find all required information to get your site up and running: starting from theme installation and setup, to usage of different post types, page templates and shortcodes.

Our themes are compatible with the WordPress versions 4.4.5 or higher ( PHP 5.2.4 or higher, and mysql 5 or higher).

Most JavaScript enabled Browsers will make them work with no issues. They are designed and optimized for desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Currently we are testing themes in:

  • Google Chrome (Mac and PC)
  • Firefox (Mac and PC)
  • Internet Explorer 11 and later
  • Safari (Mac and PC)



  • Some of the images included in the demo site are for showcase only and not distributed in the package.
  • Server requirements: PHP 5.3 or greater, max_execution_time 120, memory_limit 64M, post_max_size 32M, upload_max_filesize 32M, allow_url_fopen ON.
  • Check to ensure that your web host has the minimum requirements to run WordPress
  • Always make sure they are running the latest version of WordPress
  • You can download the latest release of WordPress from official WordPress website
  • Always create secure passwords FTP and Database


Theme Installation

Manual Installation

Unzip the file kidtheme_install.zip Unzip from Themeforest pagkage download and copy the folder you has been unzip upload to /wp-content/themes/

Install require plugins

1992 kidtheme theme require you to activate some plugins for it, click the link Begin Intalling plugins you will see all the plugins require and recommend for this theme and follow the step


Automatic installation

Install your wordpress page.
After install your wordpress page, install the 1992 theme follow this step.
Login your dasboard with your username and password, in the left menu Choose Appearance -> Themes



After themes choose add new and then Upload theme

Choose file kidtheme_install.zip Unzip from Themeforest download pagkage (Do not unzip it one more time.)




After install success click Active



Install require plugins

1992  theme require you to activate some plugins for it, click the link Begin Intalling plugins you will see all the plugins require and recommend for this theme and follow the step



Importing Sample Content

Login your dasboard with your username and password, in the left menu Choose Appearance -> Tools->Import








After, You back to the left menu Choose Appearance -> Tools->Import.Click browse.

Click on “Browse” button and select the demo XML file ( “sample-data.xml” ) in folder “Sample data” beside your theme package, then click “Upload file and import” button.


import demo data


The next screen in “Import author” you are able to select a new author for imported content or select the existing one. In “Import Attachments” section you need to choose whether you want to upload demo media or not. Finally, click “Submit”.


author import


After imported the demo content, your site will like our sample site. But it can’t import the widget and Master slider contents(View tab document Slider). You also set the primary menu and static page again for your site.


Static Front Page

By default the front page (“Home“) of your WordPress site will display your latest posts. You can change this so readers see a static page instead, and can view your posts on a different page.

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click on Settings > Reading.
  3. Choose the radio button labeled A static page (select below).
  4. Choose your Homepage for Front Page, and choose your Blog page for Posts Page.
  5. All done. Your Blog is now fully functional.

After making these changes, posts will no longer show on the front page of your blog. The static page "Home"will show there. Visitors will need to click on the link to "Posts" page to see your posts.

set home page


Main Menus

After creating your menu(s) select in the Theme Locations section. You can display a single menu in multiple locations.

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard and click on Appearance > Menus.
  2. Enter a Name for your Menu and click on Create Menu.
  3. Add Pages to your menu by checking off the check boxes and hitting Add to Menu
  4. To re-order the pages of your menu items simply drag and drop them into place.
  5. After your menu is completed hit Save Menu.
  6. After Your menu is saved you’ll need to choose your navigation from the dropdown list under the ‘Theme Locations’ section.
  7. Hit save and you are all complete. Your menu is now setup.




if style header is two menu.




Please setup menu:


right menu

left menu


Beside, You need to setup menu mobile

mobile menu


Theme Options

Go to Appearance > Theme Options in your WordPress admin to access the theme options panel. You can also backup your theme options by clicking on the backup tab. That is a great way to move your custom options from site to site. See below for screenshots of our theme options panel.





Blog Option: these options apply to the blog archive page



option blog


Header & Footer: these options apply to your site header and footer, copyright (layout, slogan, show language, currency, search …)


option header


Shop Setting: these options apply to the shop page, product category page


option shop


Social setting: these options to settings link socials


option social


Typo setting: Let you custom your font in your site.

option typo


Widget Area

Login your dasboard with your username and password, in the left menu Choose Appearance ->Widgets




1.Sidebar widget is used in Post Category (layout sidebar), Single Post (layout sidebar).


sidebar blog



Featuter post is list post that post which is set to featured post.

2.Sidebar Product is used in Product Category(layout sidebar), Single Product (layout sidebar) .


sidebar product


Siderbar left footer and sidebar right footer is used to show menu footer.







Header settings

The header is probably one of the first things you will want to setup. The header consists of pretty much everything above. There are many different elements to the header and many ways to customize it including text slogan, colors and more. All of this is done via our Admin Panel. The following sections will cover several different sections of the header that are listed below


  1. Adding The Logo & Favicons
  2. Header Theme Options
  3. Text slogan in top menu


Adding The Logo & Favicons

To Insert Your Logo, Follow The Steps Below
  1. Navigate to Theme Options > General Settings> General options to access the logo options
  2. You will see logo upload option, for standard desktop and retina ready devices. Click upload button and select your logo file



Settings slogan in left top menu:



Lookbook Postype



Lookbook Postype is used to show in Lookbook Slider.



Testimonial Postype



Testimonial Postype is used to show in Testimonial Slider on About us page



Brand Postype




Brand Postype is used to show in Brand Slider on About us page



Our team Postype



Our team Postype is used to Our team in Brand Slider on About us page





To Use The Shortcode Generator, Follow The Steps Below
  1. Open a page or post and go to the Visual Composer editor
  2. Click Add new element button
  3. In the popup window, select “Beau Theme” tab
  4. Select an element from list




Lookbook has 9 style in option to select





1.Layout Text Left in Left Column




2.Layout Text Left in Right Column




3.Layout Video Left



4.Layout Video Right



5.Full Layout




6.Layout Text Bottom




7.Layout Three column




8.Layout Banner


9.Layout Banner Large


style 8+9


List Product

We have 4 style to select:




1.New items




2.Hot items




3.New items in layout columns



4.Hot items in layout columns




In Backend:




we have 2 styles layout in option

1.Layout vertical


Layout vertical



2.Layout horizontal




Category Product

In Backend:


product by category

product by category 1


In Backend:



In Frontend:



In Backend:




In Frontend:



Form Contact

In Backend:


Form Contact


In Frontend:


Form Contact 1

Instagram grid

In Backend:


Instagram grid


In Frontend:


Instagram grid -1


Blog Postype


+ Go to admin -> WooCommerce -> setting
+ Click tab Product -> Click tab Display

+ Set Product Images like image




This theme has 2 styles product layout:

1.Full -layout





2.Sidebar layout






Let’s face it, everyone loves sliders. They are the perfect way to catch your viewers attention by displaying your important content. 1992 kidtheme  includes the Master Slider. We also include other slider types for pages/posts and carousels. Each slider can be used on any page or post. When you install the theme, you need to intall the Master Slider plugin and you and will be able to be access in the sidebar of your wordpress admin.


How To Assign A Slider

Once you have created your sliders, you need to assign them to a page, or use a shortcode if the slider offers one. There are two methods to assigning a slider to a page. First you can assign a  master slider our page configuration box. Doing it this way will always put the slider directly under the navigation. The second method is to insert the slider shortcode in the post content field. Read below for information on both method.

How To Assign A Slider From The Page Configuration Box.
  • Create or edit any page
  • Find the Your custom header & footer box below the editing field, inside you will see a “Select slide” option
  • Select the name of the slider under the corresponding slider dropdown field.
  • To finish, click Update to save the settings in page


show slider in page


The second method, you can use the slider shortcode
  • Go to slider page, find its shortcode
  • Create or edit any page
  • Paste the slider shortcode to the content
  • To finish, click Publish to save the settings







How To Import Demo Sliders

The Master Slider allows you to easily export/import your slides. It’s always a good idea to backup your slides so you can easily import them again if you ever need to.

Login your dasboard with your username and password, in the left menu Choose Appearance -> Master Slider.

How To Import?

Click “Import and Export” button


import slider


Then upload file “slider.json” in folder Slide data on Unzip from Themeforest download pagkage.


demo slider data



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